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About Us

Suzuki Talent Education Association Singapore (STEAS) was formed in 2014 to promote the Suzuki philosophy of "beautiful heart, beautiful tone". STEAS aims to support Suzuki teachers in their professional development of music performance and teaching skills, and to provide opportunities for continuing learning and skill refinement.

Through growing a pool of dedicated Suzuki teachers, STEAS aims to use the power of music to reach out to children, with strong parental involvement, and instill in them the values of respect, discipline and perseverance. 


In STEAS, we believe that character comes before skills.  Music should be a part of our children's lives, not just an academic subject.  Through learning music, our children will experience the joy of learning and grow up into respectable, happy individuals with desirable abilities.


STEAS has been the only Suzuki country association in Singapore recognised by International Suzuki Association (ISA) and Asia Regional Suzuki Association* (ARSA) since October 2015.

*Asia Regional Suzuki Association (ARSA) was formerly known as Asia Regional Suzuki Organization (ARSO)

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