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Suzuki Violin Book 1 training with Professor Lanku Chen


7-11 March 2016
"When a plant doesn't grow well, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the plant." That is only one of the many philosophies of teaching that Prof. Chen brought to his second session of the Violin Book 1 training. The course was enjoyed by both new and veteran teachers alike as they explored the niches of the Suzuki Method and violin playing, improving both their teaching and their playing.

Where Love is Deep (WLID)


6 March 2016
The third session of WLID conducted by Professor Lanku Chen of Taiwan. It was an informative session which was attended by both parents and teachers where Prof. Chen gave good insight to the Suzuki method and its philosophy.

Suzuki Piano Book 1 training with Professor Carmencita Arambulo


11-15 January 2016
Being the first Suzuki Piano Book 1 training for piano teachers in Singapore, we were proud to have a batch of aspiring and existing Suzuki teachers to join us in this course!

"Where Love Is Deep" (WLID)


10 January 2016

The first WLID course conducted by Professor Carmencita Arambulo in Singapore!


A 6-hour introductory course, teachers took their first step in the Suzuki Method with WLID. It was an enjoyable session for everyone. It is the first course in any ARSO-endorsed Teachers training program, which has to be taken by all new Suzuki teachers. It is also suitable for new Suzuki parents.

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