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2nd Teachers' Discussion

5th August 2016

The discussion session focused on reviews. It was a mind engaging and stimulating discussion. Several questions that provided food for thought were:

  • Why do we do reviews?

  • How do we conduct effective reviews?

  • How do we encourage teachers and students to do reviews?

  • How does conducting reviews help with our students' playing?


Teachers also had the chance to watch videos on Twinkle Funtasy and STEAS's participation at the Bali conference. We enjoyed ourselvess and are looking forward to the next discussion!

Suzuki Piano Book 2 Training

11th-15th July 2016

Following up from where Book 1 left off, the Book 2 Training was a success with Professor Carmencita! The teachers learnt a lot from her in the delivery of the repertoire and in their own playing as well!

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