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Piano Training


"Very inspired by the teachers' trainer: Mrs A, her zeal and motivation in guiding us was fantastic. We have learned the materials in a hand-ons way, where we were lead to mock teach, and refine our own performance. Lots of skills in teaching technique in the Suzuki way, gave me lots of realization, I am able to play the piano and teach little children in a brand new way. Thank you, Mrs A!

-Ang Chor Eng, on Suzuki Piano Teachers' Training for Volume 1.



"As a piano teacher, I came across young students as young as 2 years to 4 years of age whom I was not sure of which curriculum to choose for this group of students.

Now with the training I have received from Suzuki Piano, I am confident and enpowered to teach my young students now. Thank you for bringing Suzuki Piano to Singapore!"

- Joyce Chen, on Suzuki Piano Teachers' Training for Volume 1.



"The notes and training are unlike anything I have experienced. It was presented lovingly and patiently from years of experience and knowledge in a most sequential, patient and well-paced manner. The pedagogical approach is first-rate and is step-by-step. Dr Shinicihi's philosophy, the piano pieces(both melody, harmony and how-to teach)  as well as the technical aspects were all systematically covered. I have really enjoyed the learning process in this week-long seminar immensely. The love of the child and the setups to be taken to ensure the child can learn successfully and enjoyably was greatly emphasised without a doubt!"

- Susana Ling, on Suzuki Piano Teachers' Training for Volume 1.


Violin Training


"I have learnt a lot from this training from how to teach a very young child, starting from the very basics to things like bowing techniques. This doesn't only apply to teaching, it also helps with my self-improvement on my own techniques and skills. Prof. Chen and Wang Laoshi were so lovely, so patient and kind. Lots of knowledge and experiences of teaching techniques they shared with us were truly beneficial. I am looking forward to the next training course!"

- Choong Lee Wen, on Suzuki Violin Teachers' Training for Volume 1.


"It was excellent. Respect, care and appreciation were practically demonstrated to us by Prof. Chen and Mrs Chen by their loving, caring and encouraging atitude. I have understood Suzuki Method's philosophy better now than ever. "Beautiful heart, beautiful tone" gave me a new perspective to the art of violin playing. The detailed and scientific explanation of posture, bowhold, bow motion and the left hand gave new insights. Above all, it challenged us to teach all this to a small child with tender love and care in order to bring out the best ability in a child while respecting the uniqueness of the human person."

- Winston B. Collaco, on Suzuki Violin Teachers' Training for Volume 1.


"Wonderful course! The teacher trainers were extremely experienced and well-prepared. Their fluent delivery of the course allowed me to follow along easily and found myself enjoying the learning process. Not only have I gained valuable teaching skills and ideas, I have also taken away precious tips on improving my violin technique, helping me achieve an enriched violin tone. Recommended for all!"


- Persis Chong, on Suzuki Violin Teachers' Training for Volume 1.



"This course has helped me to understand more about childhood education and allowed me to revisit the foundations of the violin and music playing. In addition to technical foundations, it has also given me a new perspective of teaching and provide an in-depth guide to properly utilize the materials of the Suzuki Method."


- Yentl Lee, on Suzuki Violin Teachers' Training for Volume 1.

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