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How is Suzuki teaching different?


Training to be a Suzuki teacher starts from where you previously left off your instrumental course of study. The Teacher Training course includes further work on your own playing and learning the Suzuki repertoire which you will be expected to play in full before you are accredited to teach using the Suzuki Method. Most importantly, you will receive instructions on the Suzuki pedagogy. 


As a Suzuki teacher, you are part of a close community. You will have opportunities to attend Suzuki courses or workshops. 



Becoming a Suzuki teacher


As the only recognized Suzuki country association in Singapore, STEAS offers Suzuki Teacher Training. Training is currently available in three instruments - piano, violin and guitar. Only training given by ARSA-appointed Suzuki Teachers' Trainers will be recognised by International Suzuki Association (ISA), Asia Regional Suzuki Association (ARSA) and Suzuki Talent Education Association Singapore (STEAS).



Why should one be a Suzuki Teacher? 

Suzuki teachers believe that children of all ages should experience the gift of music and aim to guide them to their full potential, and, in turn, be a positive influence to students' lives. As such, the Suzuki Teacher Training is designed to equip a teacher with confidence in his technique and also presents a detailed study of how to teach the Suzuki repertoire.


As a part of the larger Suzuki community, Suzuki teachers have a constant pool of experience and teaching ideas to draw from. Teachers, students and parents will all benefit from group lessons, concerts, workshops and camps.


Over the years, many students have enjoyed the Suzuki education and have attained high musical ability.

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