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Performance at National Gallery Singapore

16 July 2017

STEAS students and teachers performed 3 sessions at the National Gallery Singapore.
We are delighted to share 3 different programs featuring different instruments at a lovely venue where art meets music.

Violin Teachers' SAVE Practice &
STEAS Teachers' Meeting

21 July 2017

STEAS Violin Teachers met up to practice techniques they had learnt from Prof Chen at the recent SAVE training.

STEAS Members gathered to discuss challenges they faced as music educators and gave suggestions on how to overcome them.

Suzuki Guitar Book 1 Training with
Zeah Riordan

24 - 28 July 2017

Presenting the 1st batch of Suzuki Guitar Teachers trained in Asia!

Lesson simulation -
When teachers become students

STEAS Teachers' Meeting
& New Suzuki Teachers Introduction

18 Aug 2017

STEAS Members met up with the newly trained guitar teachers, and discussed about teaching pointers and shared about situations that occurred during teaching.

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