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Suzuki Trained Teachers' Directory

(Names listed in alphabetical order of surname)

*STEAS will only list the names of members (teachers) who are
I) trained by ARSA-appointed Suzuki Teachers' trainers, and 

II) given consent to have their names published.

Piano Teachers
Choong Lee Wen
Corinna Chang
Dale Goh
Leng Sher Lyn
Una Lauw
Anthony Seow
Ermina Widya


Violin Teachers
Annette Lee Su Wyn
Chew Lu-Min
Ching Jew Ooi
Choong Lee Wen
Corinna Chang
Khew Chwee Mun
Nina Sandberg
Una Lauw

Yentl Lee
Mae Lim
Tacuboy Maria
Tan Poh Kim Kimberly
Teo Peck Twee
Wendy Tiow
Sakhno Veronika
Yu Ray Chu

Guitar Teachers
Andrew Wee Zhi Jian

Cello Teachers
Yvette Goh
Beverly Hiong
Ong Woon Shu

SECE Teachers
Dale Goh
Una Lauw
Ow Ying Ying 


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